Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro Premium Pack – 360 Degree, 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker (Includes the Owl Lock Adapter a 16’ USB Extension cable and Owl Care Warranty)


Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro Premium Pack – 360 Degree, 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker (Includes the Owl Lock Adapter a 16’ USB Extension cable and Owl Care Warranty)

  • MOST OPTIMAL ROOM SETUP AND LOCKING CAPABILITIES The Premium Pack is for the power user who wants the Meeting Owl Pro with all our best accessories including the Owl Lock Adapter a 16’ USB Extension cable and Owl Care
  • BEST TEAM MEETING EXPERIENCE Meeting Owl Pro is the top 1080p resolution 360° smart video conferencing camera It automatically highlights and shifts focus to different people in the room when they speak so you know what’s happening as if you’re there
  • UPGRADED VIDEO AND PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY The Meeting Owl Pro has 2X louder sound and 2X sharper video quality than the original Meeting Owl combining mic camera and speaker into one device It sits in the center of the table and eight smart microphones equalize speaking volume and pick up everyone within an 18-foot radius
  • EASY AND QUICK SETUP Perfect for medium and large-sized rooms plug in the power and USB load up your favorite video conferencing platform and start your meeting No downloads or installs

The Meeting Owl Pro Premium Pack from Owl Labs includes the Meeting Owl Pro 360 1080p conference camera, a 3-year Care support plan, and a dedicated Owl Lock Adapter, which provides a Kensington lock slot and allows for cable management. The camera is designed for medium and large spaces measuring up to 20 x 15′. A 16′ USB extension cable is also included.

The Meeting Owl Pro camera is an all-in-one device with a 360° lens, eight omnidirectional echo-canceling microphones, and a 360° speaker. It easily connects to your computer over a USB cable and can be used with most popular web-based conferencing platforms, such as Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, and more. The built-in mics capture the voices of everyone within an 18′ radius while the lens captures the entire room without requiring any image stitching. Advanced features in the camera include beamforming technology that adjusts focus to the person speaking and noise and echo cancellation.

Owl Labs Meeting OWL Pro 360 Degree 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera (White)

The white OWL Labs Meeting OWL Pro 360 Degree 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera combines a 360° lens with eight omnidirectional echo-canceling microphones and a 360° speaker system. It can be used with several major web-based video conferencing platforms and is your video conferencing eyes and ears when connected to an in-room computer.

The Meeting Owl Pro’s single lens provides a full view of the room without any moving parts or image stitching. This USB device is designed to work with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. You don’t have to download or install anything. Just plug it into your computer and you’re ready to use it. In addition, using Wi-Fi to connect your Meeting Owl Pro to the internet or your mobile device allows you to join the Smart Meeting Room ecosystem. Once connected to your mobile device you can control the Meeting Owl Pro via a mobile app.

The Meeting Owl’s output resolution is 1080p, for sharp clear panoramic 360° video, and it features an eight-microphone array that allows everyone within an 18′ radius to be heard. Beamforming technology adjusts focus to the person speaking, and noise and echo cancellation ensure you hear the important things and not the air conditioning.

Multiple Meeting Rooms

If you have a team spread out across multiple offices that need to attend the same meeting, each group can join the meeting in their own conference room via the Meeting Owl.

Room Size

The Meeting Owl Pro is suitable for use in medium- and large-sized rooms up to 15 x 20 feet. The mic pickup range for the Meeting Owl Pro covers an 18-foot radius, and it features Smart Zooming capabilities to cover people sitting further away.


Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, and virtually all other web-based video conference software.

Intelligent Video

The camera captures in 1080p and the 360° lens shows the entire room and automatically zooms in and focuses on the person speaking. If you choose, you can lock the view using the Meeting Owl mobile app to prevent the view from changing.

360° Audio

The 8 omnidirectional smart mics and 360° speaker makes sure you can hear everyone in the room up to 18′ away from the device.


Connects via USB and combines video and audio to simplify your meeting setup.


The Meeting Owl Pro can be used when connected to a computer running the software platform of your choice. However, for your device to take advantage of the Owl Labs’ Smart Meeting Room ecosystem, you must connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, either through your network or through your smartphone. The ecosystem allows your device to access significant enhancements such as keeping a record of number of meetings, number of people in the room, and other information that Owl Labs reports back to you via the Meeting Owl mobile app. The Wi-Fi connection is also the method of getting software updates to your system.

Third Party Audio Equipment Compatibility

Although you can you use your own microphone and microphone extender cable with the Meeting Owl Pro, it is not recommended that you add your own speakers. This is because the Meeting Owl Pro uses both visual and audio cues to determine where to select as its main point of focus. If you use external speakers that would cause the device to point the focus of its video on the speakers and not on the person speaking.

Tested Cables and Adapters

USB-IF compliant cables:
Amazon Basics USB Type-C cable (US)
Amazon Basics USB Type-C cable (UK)Approved USB-C adapters:
Apple USB-C to USB adapter
Nonda USB Type-C to USB 3.0 Adapter (US)
Nonda USB Type-C to USB 3.0 Adapter (UK)Other USB 2.0 to USB-C adapters and cables have not been tested.

Owl Labs Owl Lock Adapter

The Owl Lock Adapter from Owl Labs attaches to the bottom of your Meeting Owl and adds a standard Kensington T-Bar lock slot, allowing you to secure it with an optional Kensington lock. It also keeps your cables organized and prevents them from being unplugged.

Owl Labs Owl Care 3-Year Support for Meeting Owl

The Owl Care 3-Year Support plan from Owl Labs provides virtual training and installation support, unlimited remote technical assistance, and advanced one-time replacement of your Meeting Owl, with “no questions asked,” as claimed by Owl Labs. The plan also extends your Meeting Owl warranty from one year to three years. Installation support includes remote help for setting up new conference rooms. This plan must be ordered within 30 days of the Meeting Owl purchase, and the three-year warranty begins on the day the Meeting Owl is bought.

Training and installation sessions must be scheduled within the hours of 9–6pm east coast U.S. time. Within a few days of your purchase of this support plan, Owl Labs will send a serial number to the email you provide during the checkout process.

Unlimited End User Training Modules

  • Setting up and starting a meeting in your video conferencing platform
  • Tips for optimal performance
  • Navigating and understanding the Meeting Owl app
  • Meeting analytics overview
  • New features as they are introduced

Online Installation Support

  • Room setup
  • Getting started
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Signing up for Meeting Analytics
  • Starting a meeting in your video conferencing platform
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